Snotface: Megabitch Panel

Snotface: Megabitch Panel

$12.00 USD

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Traditional - Small - 
22 inches wide x 30 inches length with 8 inch design dropped 8.5 inch from the top.  Center designs are either 8 inched wide or 8 inches tall.  Panels are generally large enough to fit children, teens and small adults. However, please check panel sizing against your patterns to ensure proper sizing.  

Traditional - Large - 29 inches wide x 36 inches length with 11 inch design dropped 9 inches from the top. Center designs are either 10 inches wide or 10 inches tall.  Panels are generally large enough to fit adults. Please check panel sizing against your patterns before ordering to ensure proper sizing.

Panty - Fat half with a center design that is either 5 inch wide or tall.  Center design is centered and dropped 5 inches from the top.  

Note: Panel sizes and center image design may vary from above approximates by +/- 2".  Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric and small production run, circular designs may not print completely round and common small production flaws apply.  


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