Magic Scribbles - Large Scale

Magic Scribbles - Large Scale

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Large scale.  Same scale as strike offs. Elephant is 4" wide.

*** A special message from the artist, Iesha Murphy ***
Hey guys,
This fabric is so near and dear to my heart.. I hand drew/colored every single thing you see here it definitely has a hand drawn perfectly imperfect look and I love that because I put so much heart into every piece, ever character I drew I thought about the movies the rides and that characters personality, how it means something to someone like Ariel for example is my daughters absolute favorite princess, my son reminds me of Winnie the Pooh and so many more. Every time we take a look we find something new it seems. My kids absolutely love this print they get so excited about all the different characters. My husband begged me for a blanket like mine. I am so thankful for sugar ink fabric for running this print and giving everyone who wants a chance to grab the fabric an opportunity to do so. Thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for supporting me and Sugar Ink. I truly can no wait to see all the amazing stuff everyone makes with there fabric.

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