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We love fluff and cuddlies, smooth and silkies, soft and vibrants. We love fabric. We love unique custom fabrics of all types. Since 2015, we've been offering only the best quality fabrics in new, innovative designs for all your creative projects.

Each fabric base prints differently and is unique in it's characteristics. To show you the variations, we've compiled this list with specs, suggested uses and photos.  These photos are raw unaltered photos; each taken under the same lighting with the same camera.  


Jersey Knits. (CL / JK)

This comfortable, soft fabric is perfect for children and adult apparels such as t-shirts, dresses, leggings, baby clothes, headbands, scarves, lightweight blankets and more.

95/5 cotton lycra blend, 4 way stretch, 230-240gsm. 58-60" width.

Double Brushed Poly (DBP)

A smooth,ultra-soft poly knit brushed on both sides.  DBP has excellent recovery and a lovely drape and is an excellent choice for tops, dresses, skirts, and especially leggings.  The printed colors of DBP are generally more vibrant than it's jersey knit counterpart.  

96/4 poly lycra blend, 4 way stretch, 220-240gsm, 58-60" width.


French Terry (FT)

Stretch french terry knit is a comfy fabric with a smooth, ultra-soft face and a lofty looped back. This medium/heavyweight fabric features a 25% four way stretch and is perfect for hoodies, baby items, pullovers, joggers and lounge-wear. Due to the nature of the fabric, designs printed on french terry are not as crisp and vibrant as those printed on jersey or poly knit.  

95/5 cotton lycra blend, 4 way stretch, 260-280gsm, 58-60" width.

Poplin (POP)
This light, cool and crisp classically woven fabric is a perfect choice for quilts, shirts, dresses and skirts.

Canvas (CAN)
This thick, heavy weight woven fabric is a perfect choice for backpacks and totes.

100% cotton, 54-56" width

Performance Knit with Moisture Management / Swim (PK/Swim)

A silky, smooth polyester spandex knit perfect for athletic apparel, children's "themepark" clothing, swim wear, underwear, tights, cloth diapers or projects that require a comfortable, breathable fabric with a nice drape. This poly knit fabric features a sheen with vibrant colors that hold up great to multiple washes.

85/15 poly lycra blend, 4 way stretch, 230 gsm, 56-58" width

    Polyurethane Laminate (PUL)

    A soft poly knit laminated with polyurethane that is breathable and waterproof and perfect for cloth diapers and diaper covers.

    100% polyester, 1 mil, 54-56" width


    Double Cuddle Minky (DCM)

    Cuddly soft, plush fabric made of 100% polyester. Smooth and cuddly on both sides with one side having a slightly longer pile than the other side.  This chenille-like knit fabric is a favorite for children and adults alike. Minky is ideal for blankets, lounge wear, quilt backings, baby accessories, pillows,and winter accessories such as hats and scarves.  Because design details may be lost in the piles, designs printed on DCM will be enlarged by approximately 2 inches.  

    100% polyester, 270gsm, 54-56" width

      Note: Due to the stretchy nature of the fabric and small production run, circular designs may not print completely round. Printed color and crispness of designs will also vary between fabric bases.  PK/Swim and DBPs will print the most vibrant colors.  PULs generally result in slightly darker, saturated colors.  French terry and minkies result in more muted tones with softened lines. 



      Common, minor printing flaws are not disclosed and compensated as they are considered a normal part of a small-production, custom digital printing process. Minor flaws are defined as follows:

      • Imperfections of any size found within 6 inches of the selvage 
      • Imperfections (white dot, mark, uneven color/print) smaller than the size of a dime (18mm)
      • Heathering (tiny white or speckle discoloration)
      • Color variations of 10-15% from strike off samples of the same fabric. Please note that minky colors are more muted than jersey knit colors and that colors seen on your screen may also vary from the actual fabric colors. 

      All presale orders are final and cannot be cancelled or refunded after the close date of the presale round. Sugar Ink is not responsible for insignificant flaws, dye transfer or bleeding during washing, damage during shipment, or fabric shipped to an incorrect address.



      Wash separately in cool or warm water using a gentle machine cycle and phosphate-free detergent. Machine dry using a low temperature setting. 


      Ways to Buy

      There are three ways to get your hands on our sweet fluff:

      1. Presale. Each month we presale our newest collections.  These presales are custom orders where you may select your preferred fabric and quantity in the designs offered at a discount. It takes a minimum of 6-8 weeks to receive your presale orders. Status updates are posted in the Facebook group page for the specific printing round. 

      2. Retail. Designs stocked under this section are extras from the presale orders and are in-stock and ready to ship. 

      3. Sugar Ink BST. If you are looking for a specific design, try posting to or browse through the Sugar Ink Buy-Sell-Trade Facebook Page. Our members enjoy helping each other out so if you are In-Search-Of (ISO) something or simply need help with a project, post a shout out!


      If in-stock retail items are purchased with presale items, your retail items will be held until the presale items arrive. If you wish to have the retail items shipped first, please cart and checkout in-stock retail items separately.

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